Liopetri is one of the red soil villages ( Kokkino Horia ) of Cyprus. The term describes the rich red soil that Liopetri is surrounded by – the red soil is synonymous of eastern Cyprus. This red soil helps grow the tastiest potatoes in the country.


The region has a mild climate, its rich red soil and a good supply of underground water has helped Liopetri become more than a fishing village. There has been an increase in agriculture and farming. Products cultivated in Liopetri and the surrounding red soil villages are potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, kolokassi (a root vegetable) and watermelons.


In Liopetri you will find that the fishermen mend their nets by day while setting sail in the evening. The remains of a Venetian watch tower and a 16th century church dedicated to the Virgin Mary and a 15th century church of Agios Andronikos with an octagonal dome and murals can be found in this picturesque village. Liopetri is also where the french poet Arthur Rimbaud worked during the 1880s. It is a potato growing village but still carries on the traditional craft of basket making.


Liopetri is an ideal place to visit for a day out from Ayia Napa. It has a variety of shops, banks and traditional tavernas. It also has a beautiful natural fishing shelter at Potamos Liopetriou – it’s where the local fishermen bring in their catch, with some saying the best fish on the island!